Aastudio is a small design studio based in Brooklyn, New York🗽, specializing in visual identities and typography🗿. We are dedicated to creating beautiful, emotion-driven🥵 work that not only serves our clients' goals but also resonates with their target audiences. By blending artistic vision with strategic thinking, we craft tailored solutions that seamlessly integrate aesthetics🌷 and functionality⚙️, ensuring lasting impact and meaningful connections🤝 for our clients' brands.

Our services

Typeface Identity
Graphic Design
Brand Identity
Brand Guidelines
Packaging Design
Digital Design
Editorial Design


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Selected Clients 

Monotype, Google, Facebook, Herman Miller, McCann

Collaborators & Partners 

Modern Type
Ana Andreeva
Sarah Stendel
Dalton Bruyns
Stepan Petrov
Alyona Puraeva
Zihao Wang
Cory Rockliff
Brooklyn, NY. Inquiries: hi@aastudio.works